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Hendricks Ultrasonic Test

Hendricks Ultrasonic Test
Product Code: UST-2000S
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The Hendrick's Pencil Test is designed to test the functioning of Ultrasonic Cleaners, and is used instead of a foil test, making daily testing of your Ultrasonic a much simpler procedure.

How to use:

  1. Commence with a clean ultrasonic machine.
  2. Fill with water and detergent to recommended level.
  3. Perform degassing procedure as per manufacturers instructions.
  4. Rub the surface of the disc with the special test pencil provided as instructed.
  5. Immerse the disk in the centre of the ultrasonic cleaning tank on the rack provided by the manufacturer.
  6. Set the time for 3 minutes and start ultrasonic machine.
  7. When cycle is complete - remove the disk and check that all the pencil marks have been removed.
  8. Record results in results folder.
  9. Check disk for surface integrity (if smooth replace)
  10. Return disk and test pencil to "Clip-it' immediately after use.

Save time, money on detergent and potentially damaging your instruments with foil debris.

Recommended 60 uses per disk.

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