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1Shot Schick #2 X-Ray Holders

1Shot Schick #2 X-Ray Holders
Product Code: TOP H2-1SC8
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Schick size 2 1shotdental x-ray holder is a digital sensor holder for the Schick #2 sensor,
-and also aligns the x-ray tube in 3 planes.

These are simple, one piece, reusable, autoclavable, operating tray fitting holders.

Two models is all you need for all intra oral routine x-ray images, including bitewings(BW), periapicals(PAs), and endodontic images with reamers and rubber dams in place.

NOTE: thicker Schick Elite sensors may be best accommodated by the ‘SUB 1shotdental system', or adjust the 1shotdental holder claws as per instructions in the box.

There are only 2 models in the Schick #2 1shotdental holder system:T

  • The horizontal Schick #1 sensor holder.
  • The vertical Schick sensor holder model.

The Schick #2 horizontal sensor model is ideal for routine bitewing (HBW) images,- but it can also take periapical(PA) views (slide the imaging device up or down in the 1shot claw and adjust the x-ray tube to suit) especially wisdom tooth views, or PAs and endodontic shots of the posterior/buccal teeth.

The Schick #2 vertical sensor model, takes vertical bitewings(VBW), and will take all anterior and posterior( PA) views,- and also endodontic images with reamers and rubber dam in place, where the 1shotdental holder can be hand held on the tooth.

The Schick #2 1shotdental pack provides you with 8 digital x-ray holders.

Schick No2 H&V Option (a)

  • 4x HorBW- and posterior PAs
  • 4x VertBW-anterior and posterior PAs
  • HBW Color-Mid Blue.
  • VBW Color-Light Purple
  • 8x Holders per packet
  • Ref: TOP HV2-1SC8

Schick No2 Horz Option (b)

  • 8 x HorBW - and posterior PAs
  • HBW Color-Mid Blue
  • 8 x Holders per packet
  • Ref: TOP H2-1SC8

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