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1Shot Film/Phosphor Plate #2

1Shot Film/Phosphor Plate #2
Product Code: TOP H2-1F8
Price: $110.00
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Please Note - If we are currently out of stock 1Shot products can take up to 2 weeks for arrival. If you would like to know what we have in stock please don't hesitate to contact us

Film/Phosphorplate 1shotdental x-ray holder is a Conventional Film and a Phosporplate Digital holder for #2 film and #2 phosphorplate digital systems, and also aligns the x-ray tube in 3 planes.

note: thicker phosphorplates may be best accommodated by the ‘SUB 1shotdental system' to save adjusting the 1shotdental holder claw.

These are simple, one piece, reusable, autoclavable, operating-tray fitting holders.

Two models is all you need for all intra oral routine x-ray images, including bitewings(BW), periapicals(PAs), and endodontic images with reamers and rubber dam in place.

There are only 2 models in the film/phosphorplate 1shotdental holder system, they are:

  • The horizontal holder, and the vertical holder model.
    The horizontal model is ideal for routine bitewing (HBW) images, but it can also take periapical(PA) views (slide the imaging device up or down in the 1shot claw and adjust the x-ray tube to suit) especially wisdom tooth views, or PAs and endodontic shots of the posterior/buccal teeth.
  • The vertical model, takes vertical bitewings(VBW), and will take all anterior and posterior( PA) views,- and also endodontic images with reamers and rubber dam place, where the 1shotdental holder can be hand held on the tooth.

The Film/Phosphorplate 1shotdental pack provides you with 8 digital x-ray holders. 

No2 H&V Option (a)

  • 4x HorBW- and posterior PAs 4x VertBW-anterior and posterior PAs
  • HBW Color-Red VBW Color-Orange
  • 8x Holders per packet
  • Ref: TOP HV2-1F8

No2 Horz Option (b)

  • 8 x HorBW- and posterior PAs
  • HBW Color-Red
  • 8 x Holders per packet
  • Ref:TOP H2-1F8

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