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Dental Handpiece Cleaners

The handpiece cleaner is a crucial piece of equipment that helps to keep all medical and dental tools clean and ready to use. The efficiency of your cleaner and how long it takes to clean medical and dental tools will depend on the brand you buy, as these variables tend to differ from brand to brand. Some of the best dental handpiece cleaners available are capable of cleaning both the external and internal surfaces of the particular tool, ensuring that it remains at optimal functionality for as long as you use it. Some handpiece cleaners can also be used to lubricate the internal mechanisms to help extend the working life of the instrument. We supply a range of dental handpiece cleaners that cater to all needs in both the medical and dental industries.


Why a handpiece cleaner is needed

In the dental and medical industries, handpiece cleaners are needed to ensure tools are clean and ready for use at all times. By using a dental handpiece cleaner, you can ensure that the instrument performs perfectly each and every time, for as long as you use it. Internal and external cleaning of a handpiece cleaner is the best way to achieving utmost sterilisation of all types of medical and dental tools.

When to use a handpiece cleaner

Given the importance of sterilisation, handpiece cleaners ought to be used whenever one believes there to be risk of dirt and other materials present on the instrument. For professionals short on time, dental handpiece cleaners are highly useful in avoiding the time-consuming process of cleaning tools required for procedures.

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Assistina 301P
A 2009 Dental Townie Choice award recipient, the Assistina 301P Handpiece Cleaner maintenance assist..
Ex Tax: $2,481.82
Assistina 3x3 Handpiece Cleaner
Validated and confirmed by expert opinion, the Assistina 3x3 Handpiece Cleaner takes instrument prep..
Ex Tax: $6,877.27