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Vitascan Portable Ultrasound Bladder Monitor

Vitascan Portable Ultrasound Bladder Monitor
Product Code: VIT100578
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Real-time ultrasound bladder scanning is a safe and easy, non- invasive method to measure bladder volume. Bladder scanning measures ultrasonic reflections within a patient’s body and dierentiates the urinary bladder from the surrounding tissues. VitaScan Portable is applicable in many clinical areas to determine bladder volume, time for bladder emptying and detection of post void residual (PVR). Bladder image in real-time ultrasound makes it easier to detect the bladder before scanning. VitaScan Portable calculates patient’s bladder volume in multiple planes and displays volume and bladder image on screen. The VitaScan Portable is quick and easy to use. When the user presses the scan button the VitaScan Portable produces a three-dimensional image and calculates and displays the bladder volume within seconds. Measurements can be printed via an onboard printer or transmitted to your office or facility computer for viewing, printing or archiving.

• Real-time Ultrasound Bladder Monitor
• Portable design
• Simple and intuitive to use. User interaction through touch screen
• On-board video tutorial
• PreScan mode provided for easy and precise location of the urinary bladder
• Scan modes provided for a variety of patient types including: women, men and obese, not obese patients
• Bladder volume calculations in large digit
• View and save exams easily, creating EMRs for your patients
• On-board printer for patient records or reimbursement procedures
• Stores 500 patient records
• Software to interface patient electronic journal
• Bluetooth wireless printer or PC connectivity
• Software updates via USB/Flash drive
• Optional mobile cart with locking wheel
• Optional customized designed crib

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