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Dental Mixing Machines

Our online range of dental mixing machines use the latest technology to offer you a powerful, durable and affordable piece of dental equipment. These products are designed to mix a perfect, bubble-free alginate that you can use right away every time, requiring only a few seconds to mix each scoop. Save time with our modern dental mixing machines which mix 1 scoop in just 6 to 9 seconds, providing you with a smooth, pliable alginate that you can use safely on your clients. These stylish and compact dental mixing machines contain a powerful high tech micro-processor with three pre-programmed operations for utmost efficiency in your dental practice.

Not only do we offer practical dental mixing machines capable of mixing product without any dust or waste, but these machines are also stylish, modern and small enough to sit on your benchtop. We offer a range of external products that are included in your purchase of our dental mixing machines, including mixing cups, stirrer, spatula, magnetic basket, and water dosing bottle. For a dental mixing machine that combines both practicality and technology, look no further than MDSNQ for the highest quality dental products at affordable prices.

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