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Dental Sterilisers and Autoclaves

To ensure the cleanliness and sterilisation of dental equipment, every dental surgery needs the latest technology in reliable dental sterilisers and autoclaves. Sterilised equipment reduces the chance of infection and disease that can be transferred to patients, and having a quality steriliser ensures that you are not putting your patients at risk. A steam steriliser works by applying a scorching hot steam to the utensils that kills all bacteria, viruses and fungi that may be on them from the previous patient.

MDSNQ offer a wide selection of dental sterilisers and autoclaves that can be conveniently customised to suit the needs of your dental practice. Boasting a range of powerful motors, these dental sterilisers and dental autoclaves will ensure that any bacteria present is blasted away with ease.  

If you’re uncertain which model of dental sterilisers will best suit your practice, we offer a convenient service for those who would like the assistance of our experienced staff in choosing the right model. In addition, we provide a yearly servicing and validations promise on our entire range of dental sterilisers and autoclaves through our trustworthy technicians, who can assist you with planned maintenance and any other unforeseen circumstances such as breakdown support. 

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Lisa 517 Fully Automatic B Class Sterilizer
Autoclave Lisa 500 fully automatic – Type B water steam sterilizer ..
Ex Tax: $12,272.73
Lisa 522 Fully Automatic B Class Sterilizer
Autoclave Lisa 500 fully automatic – Type B water steam sterilizer ..
Ex Tax: $13,295.45
Lisa Safe Traceability System
Includes Lisa Safe Barcode Label Printer, Universal Barcode reader - connects to Lisa 500 & Full..
Ex Tax: $1,936.36
Melag Vacuklav 23B+ Sterilizer
Stand Alone Unit Plenty of space for all your instruments With the same technical features..
Ex Tax: $10,300.00
Melag Vacuklav 31B+ Sterilizer
Stand Alone Unit The marathon runner - Endurance through reliability This all-rounder is c..
Ex Tax: $9,995.00
Melag Vacuklav 40B+ Sterilizer
The Premium Super Fast 18L Autoclave! This Premium model is supplied with an innovative water-c..
Ex Tax: $11,400.00
Melag Vacuklav 41B+ Sterilizer
Fast, convenient and stand-alone?? This powerful 18 litre autoclave has as fast operating cycle..
Ex Tax: $12,600.00